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Benefits of Effective Communication and Efficiency in Surgery

A year ago, a project on effective communication and efficiency in surgery was undertaken in my place of work. This project was both quantitative and qualitative following its focus on the economic impact of communication, and the nurse’s perspective on the role of communication in the hospital. This project showcased significant strengths and weaknesses in

The Effectiveness of the Transition of Care (TOC) Program in Lowering Readmission Incidences.

A quantitative study was performed by managers at my workplace to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Transition of Care (TOC) program in lowering readmission incidence. The TOC program aims to decrease the readmission of high-risk clients after being discharged from the hospital. One program intervention is TOC nurse case managers visiting clients at their house

Choosing Nursing Theory

The art of nursing based its foundations in nurturing and caring for individuals during a process of healing. Changes and transformation occurred daily and in a fast pace in the United States healthcare system. Healthcare providers, including nurses, are responsible to understand and apply this changes and improvements to their daily practices. (Edmundson, 2012). As