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AnswersCategory: Health InformaticsDefine informatics.
Ken Patricks asked 3 years ago

Discuss the importance of informatics in healthcare and nursing. Why is documentation important?

1 Answers
Sense Academics Staff answered 3 years ago

Nursing informatics has evolved to encompass all usage of technologies within the scope of nursing practice, education, research and administration. With the vast amount of data that is stored and exchanged in healthcare, informatics is key to safe, efficient, and quality care. Documentation of care often requires more time than the delivery of care itself. Many healthcare clinicians (including nurses) feel that documentation impedes delivery of quality care and patient focus. According to Martin and Sinsky (2016) documentation contributes to increased cognitive workload, strained clinician-patient relationships, and burnout. However, as a clinical documentation specialist, I can’t stress the importance of proper documentation enough. Clinical documentation is the validation for reimbursement of healthcare services. Complete and concise documentation serves as a means of communication amongst healthcare providers. Additionally, adequate documentation can greatly help in the defense of a malpractice or litigation case.